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Ariadne's Crown

by Meadoe Hora
She’s a sheltered princess dreaming of adventure. He’s an arrogant warrior eager to make a name for himself. Between them, lurks the Minotaur. When their paths come together, a legend is born.

For Ariadne, growing up a princess in ancient Crete means an endless circle of weaving, sewing and learning to rule, but she wants more than to be married off to a prince. Ariadne knows what’s expected of her, but she longs for a life of her own and to know what lies on the other side of the sea.
When Dionysus, the God of Wine arrives, she’s instantly drawn to his reckless good looks and mysterious power, but she knows it’s dangerous to mix with the gods. Still, she can’t deny the connection between them.

Crete maintains a shaky peace with Athens, which is enforced by the Minotaur imprisoned in the labyrinth. When Theseus arrives to challenge that peace, everything changes. Ariadne soon discovers that all is not what it seems on her beautiful island. Although she knows Theseus is the enemy, she starts to think he might be right. Even worse, underneath his tough exterior, she glimpses a softer side that makes her think it might not be so bad to marry a prince. Unfortunately, her sister sees it too.

To do what’s right, she’s faced with an impossible choice. Joining forces with Theseus could bring freedom and unite their countries, but it means betraying her father and losing everything she knows. What will she do when she’s torn between a god and a warrior?

Does Ariadne have the strength to carve out the life she wants?


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YA, Greek & Roman Myths & Legends
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Oct 15 2019
Meadoe Hora