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by Emma Mort Harding
The Moon fell into the Ocean and the Waves wept.Infinity was once home to a thriving civilisation. That is, before the Moon arrived. The enormous, spherical structure brought with it death and destruction, wiping out most of the population with a series of earthquakes and tsunamis. Since then the Moon has sat silently on the southern edge of Infinity's mass continent. Lucky Marsh is one of three moon-sitters charged with monitoring the Moon, acting as a living alarm system for Infinity's last city. They must watch, but never touch: that's the golden rule of moon-sitting. However, for the ever-curious Lucky, that rule has become increasingly difficult to abide.Her nightmares compel her to do more. Her feet betray her while she sleeps.


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Science Fiction, First Contact, Post-Apocalyptic, Alien Invasion
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Independently published
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Oct 04 2019
Emma Mort Harding