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Cydonia Rising (Andlios)

by Dave Walsh
The Emperor has fallen.

Poisoned by his son bent on claiming the galaxy for himself.

Katrijn is the heir to the throne, or was, until her brother killed their father and claimed it for himself. She had promised her father to restore order only to end up in exile, dodging her brother’s assassins. 

Now she must fulfill her father’s dying wish: bring freedom to the Republic.

On the other side of the Republic, a lost Krigan princess conspires with her former enemies to take the galaxy back for themselves, for the good of the people of Andlios. 

Is it too late to save the galaxy? 

For fans of kick ass heroines and classic space opera tales, because everyone loves a girl that can wield a giant laser-axe.

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Science Fiction, Exploration
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Independently published
Publication Date
Sep 16 2019
Dave Walsh