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Common Bonds: A Speculative Aromantic Anthology

by A.Z. Louise et al.
Common Bonds is an upcoming anthology of speculative short stories and poetry featuring aromantic characters. At the heart of this collection are the bonds that impact our lives from beginning to end: platonic relationships. Within this anthology, a cursed seamstress finds comfort in the presence of a witch, teams of demon hunters work with their rival to save one of their own, a peculiar scholar gets attached to those he was meant to study, and queerplatonic shopkeepers guide their pupil as they explore their relationship needs and desires. Through nineteen stories and poems, Common Bonds explores the ways platonic relationships enrich our lives.


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Science Fiction, Anthologies, Fantasy, LGBT
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Listed Publisher
Claudie Arseneault
Publication Date
Jan 12 2021
A.Z. Louise
Camilla Quinn
Jeff Reynolds
Marjorie King
Polenth Blake
Syl Woo
Adriana C. Grigore
E.H. Timms
Jennifer Lee Rossman
Mika Stanard
Ren Oliveira
Thomas Leonard Shaw
Avi Silver
Ian Mahler
Cora Ruskin
Morgan Swim
Rosiee Thor
Vida Cruz