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Women of Kern: Book Two

by Maris McKay
A magician whose way of life is disappearing.

A hostage with a dangerous secret.

A warrior who doesn’t want to be queen.

A healer with a talent for politics.

A mother willing to kill as many humans as needed to protect her nest.

A blind spymaster who can't stop a war without destroying her family.

A replacement bride who falls for the wrong prince.

An only child who inherits her father’s feuds as well as his tribe.

These are the women of Kern — the sort of women who in our own world are all too often ignored, overlooked, forgotten, and silenced by history. Travel back to their world of magic, adventure, and romance through eight new short stories and novellas driven by women with the strength and courage to shape their own destinies.


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Fantasy, Romantic, Romance, Anthologies
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Independently published
Publication Date
Sep 12 2019
Maris McKay