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Fracture: Ziva Payvan Legacy, Part 1

by EJ Fisch
FRACTURE - \ˈfrak-shər\
1. to cause a crack or fracture in; break
2. to damage or destroy
3. the act or process of breaking or the state of being broken

Four years after the Resistance's plan for retribution was foiled, the galaxy as a whole is at peace. The people of Haphez remain independent and free of Federation scrutiny thanks to a major sacrifice by one of their own. Those affected by the loss have found new purpose. Life goes on.

But peace is only an illusion. Tension is brewing between two major players in the galactic underworld. When commissioned with hunting down a rogue Haphezian assassin, Aroska Tarbic, Skeet Duvo, and Zinni Vax are drawn into that underworld, a place where anything goes and no one is innocent. A routine assignment turns into a matter of life and death as they find themselves caught in the middle of a gang war...and hunted by their own quarry.

As the conflict rages across multiple worlds, the search for this elusive killer pits the Alpha team against new enemies, introduces them to unlikely new allies...and leads them to cross paths with someone else they hadn't expected to find. Someone who didn't want to be found. Someone who may just be their only hope for survival.


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Science Fiction, Galactic Empire, Adventure, Space Opera, Space Marine
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Listed Publisher
Transcendence Publishing
Publication Date
Oct 28 2019
EJ Fisch