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Song of Nümenstar (The Daejic Saga - Book 1)

Song of Nümenstar (The Daejic Saga - Book 1)

by A.J. Feagin
by A.J. Feagin
From debut Sci-Fi author A.J. Feagin comes Song of Nümenstar, an explosive new space opera adventurer thriller!

Exhausted from having served their time as consulars of the Daejic Szekta--the arbiters of security and peace within the galaxy--Myla and Karawn just want to run away together and live a quiet, happy life. But ongoing civil war still ravages their home planet of Sentauros. Myla knows that she can't go back, at least not now. Being a princess and an heir to the throne, coming home betrothed to a commoner would likely enrage her father, King Casseus Ad'uar. And to be in the service to the Daejic order, dalliances are also forbidden. Surely there must be somewhere in the galaxy they can escape and be free?

But one final mission interrupts their plans. On the planet Padaeya, chaos and unrest has beset the Daejic Academy. One by one, Daejic pupils have been mysteriously disappearing somewhere in the capital city of Soaleste. The Circle of Advizars learn that a group of students have gotten lost in the ancient catacombs beneath the city, and Karawn and Myla are charged with tracking them down and bringing them back safely. As a Mystik schooled and trained at the academy, Myla can harness her power of Sonarum energy to pathfind and heal. And with Karawn's elite Ghost Warrior training and enhanced physical abilities, together they pose an unstoppable team.

In the midst of of the rescue mission, however, Karawn and Myla uncover something...else. Something dark, ancient, and sinister. Something that has been waiting for centuries, calculating its moment to strike. A sentient evil that threatens to destroy not only all those on Padaeya, but the very fabric of the galaxy itself.

With Myla as the evil's first target, the mission becomes a race against time. Karawn is desperate to save Myla, and reluctantly enlists the help of Myla's doctor and mentor, Chaum Laah, a dubious creature made of crystal and energy. The fate of Karawn's best friend Malik and two teenage Daejic pupils, Torag and Elaya, also hangs in the balance.

Will Karawn and his allies discover clues to the origin of the evil's mysterious plan, and find the fortitude to defeat it? Or will their lives be shattered forever? The answer lies somewhere between the high fortress walls of Soaleste city, the savage rain forests of planet Padaeya, and the ancient ruins beneath.

In the vein of such sci-fi stories and worlds as John Carter (Princess of Mars), Avatar, Dune, and Star Wars.


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Science Fiction, Space Opera
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Aug 25 2019
A.J. Feagin