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Sophia Violet and the Fiery Orb

by Evangeline Greene
Just when fourteen-year-old Sophia Violet thinks her life can’t get any weirder, it does. In a big way! In just weeks, she must go from being an awkward teenager to leading the battle to save both the Earth and a mysterious planet called Chiralis from destruction by the evil Esmeray and Jayson. Join Sophia as she struggles to come to terms with her true identity in this delightful middle-grade/young adult coming-of-age fantasy by first-time author, Evangeline Greene. As Sophia journeys along her hero’s quest, you will encounter a host of wonders, such as Luna, Sophia’s secret best friend, who appears and disappears at will, shape-shifting critters of all kinds, from wolves to wombats, a forest made out of mathematics, and a powerful orb that holds the key to Sophia’s true identity. Sophia must learn that she is not who she thinks she is. She’s so much more! But will she overcome her fears in time to defeat the evil threatening her two intertwined planets? If female empowerment is important to you and your children, whether they be girls or boys, Sophia Violet is your girl.


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YA, Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Children's Girls & Women, Children's Magic, Children's Coming of Age, Children's Sword & Sorcery, about Girls & Women, Coming of Age
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Aug 22 2019
Evangeline Greene