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The Last Testament: A Novel

The Last Testament: A Novel

by Tommy Williford
by Tommy Williford

Hitting rock bottom isn’t what Simon thought it would be. Debt. Online classes. No friends. When he witnesses his girlfriend’s infidelity, he has nothing else to hold onto. In a haze he gets in his car, a six pack in hand and no destination in mind.

Simon has a secret no one is ready to believe. On the side of the road, drunk and pissing on a large blue lighthouse, he found Jesus.

Literally. He literally finds Jesus.

This road trip of mutual self-discovery features a savior and savee whose codependency and inappropriateness are matched only by the insanity of their voyage and the growing list of people chasing them.

Simon follows his Jesus as they rob a mega church in Kentucky and battle a giant in West Virginia. Jesus gives a tour of and creates a civil war in Gettysburg. They burn the MET, take down the Statue of Liberty, and try to disappear in New York.

Simon isn’t asking if God exists; Simon wants to know how long to follow, and pick up after, the God he’s got.


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Satire, Humorous, American Humorous, General Humorous
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Nameless Books
Publication Date
Nov 15 2019
Tommy Williford