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Elfboy (The Pizza Shop Chronicles Book 1)

by Abbigayle Grace
After both his parents die, Chris is thrust into a new life with his widowed aunt and 14-year-old cousin, who live in a rural Kentucky town, where Chris has to start high school after being homeschooled his whole life. As if that wasn't bad enough, there's a fellow student who everyone warns him to stay away from because of some terrible secret where eight people went missing.

But, no matter how Chris tries to avoid him, he ends up bumping into him and finds himself caught up in a murderous plot where he barely escapes being one of the next victims. He becomes swooped up in a mysterious adventure where the local pizza shop, and even the school's weird principal, are all involved. Is anyone who they seem to be? What is going on in this little town, and, wait, where did you say we're going next?


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YA, Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Christian, Science Fiction, Religious
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Aug 19 2019
Abbigayle Grace