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Angel: A Reverse Harem Romance (The Sacred Oath Series)

by H.P. Mallory
I don’t know who I am or where I came from.
The only thing I do know is that I’m running from something…

When I’m taken prisoner to be thrust into a lifetime of prostitution, I learn I’m an angel. Yes, I bear the markings on my back: markings that reveal my wings have been removed. But when my only ally, a foul-mouthed sprite, insists my wings are intact, I realize the danger I’m facing.

I need protection. And that protection can only come from three magically powerful men who were destined to protect the balance between shadow and light:

Dragan, a gargoyle and the King of Shadow;
Cambion, an elf and the King of Nature;
and Baron, a vampire and the King of Death.

At one time there were four but Variant, the King of Light, grew greedy and usurped control for himself. He banished Cambion to the Fae Realm and Dragan to the Shadow Realm.

And he murdered Baron.

Now Variant is after me...

--Reverse Harem
--Why Choose?
--Language warning
--Sexual content

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Dragan, The King of Shadow

The shadows within me are pulling, struggling to maintain their grasp on the unconscious girl. I can feel them wrapping their tendrils of dark mist around her, holding onto her tightly.
A woman has never had this effect on me.
As soon as I touch her, I feel power pulsing through her tiny body. It envelops my hand and weaves up my arm, into my chest and causes my breath to freeze.
By touching her, I feel my own magic begin to boil up as if it answers her silent call. But this time, the shadows aren’t trying to force me to take her—they’re responding to her, stimulated by her, drawn to her.
I can’t explain it, but I feel captured by her, by the magic that undoubtedly flows within her.
Using the Arcane Magic that’s part of me, I whisper the words to allow myself to become invisible in the eyes of those who would perceive me.
I imagine myself becoming one with the shadows, one with Shadow Magic that infiltrates me—that is me.

Cambion, The King of Nature

I remember the visions the angel had...
First, the sex. A not-altogether-unpleasant visual. It was more than a vision, though. Like a dream, the sensation—phantom, but present—has arrested me and now I can’t stop replaying it.
I don’t trust her. And I don’t trust the vision, either. In fact, the more I think about it, the more convinced I become that she’s after something. Women, I’ve found, are manipulative, and the smart ones understand they possess what every man wants. This one is no different. I’m more than convinced she’s using her extreme beauty to seduce us because I find myself craving her. Yet I’m not satisfied that this desire originates from inside me. Instead, I wonder if I’ve been enchanted.
Dragan definitely appears to have been completely bewitched, because he can’t take his bloody eyes off her for more than a few seconds. The barbarian is too stupid for his own good.
Where he sees an injured doe in the woods, I see an intelligent predator in the midst of setting a very convincing trap…

Baron, The King of Death

Dragan doesn’t trust me. But he really doesn’t trust me with the girl. Little does he know I’m uninterested.


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Aug 26 2019
H.P. Mallory