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Allegiance (Deity Rising Book 2)

by Kilian Grey
Second Edition*

Loyalty to the High King isn’t a given when the High King’s hands are stained with the blood of his people.

Faust escaped Lathil’s cruelty, but an even greater weight awaited him when Aris, the Deity of Azure, announced Faust as the High King—the being all deities must follow. Lathil’s Blessed, Relan, recaptured Faust and wants to use Faust’s newfound lineage to his advantage.

High King Faust refuses to give into Relan’s demands for information and is faced with a tough decision—talk or die. Faust uses his magic to bring help to him, only to later realize he’s made a deadly mistake. Many in Windilum hold Faust in contempt for his war against them, forcing him to rely on Ignas’s strict orders for the Guild of Smithery to protect and cover for him.

The Kingdoms of Windilum and Roltan need a trustworthy and strong High King to lead them to victory. But a dark secret looms in the past and Faust feels the line between the past and present have begun to meld. Faust must restore the kingdoms to their rightful rulers while keeping Vasil, the Deity of Carnage, at a distance. He is ready to unite the kingdoms and discard his role as the puppet king, but is Faust willing to die for it?

Allegiance is a full-length novel (106,000 words).

Allegiance is a direct sequel to Lineage: Deity Rising Book One and will make the most sense after reading book one. This book contains dark themes, swearing, a romantic sub-plot (m/m content), and is intended for mature audiences (adults).

*Contains new interior formatting, content, artistic updates to the map, minor revisions and additions to the glossary and character index.


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Fantasy, LGBTQ+, LGBT, Epic, Sword & Sorcery, Gay
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Listed Publisher
Zurr Sol
Publication Date
Jul 14 2020
Kilian Grey