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Ulysses Exposed

Ulysses Exposed

by N. Gray
by N. Gray
Alternate cover edition of ASIN B07VR5LJXW

A woman wakes in an alley, alone, in the dark and dying from her wounds. She doesn’t know her name, has no memory of what happened to her, who attacked her or why.
Three men discover her and offer her help. One of her rescuers is a master vampire, and everybody knows their kind can’t be trusted. The other two are were-animals capable of ripping her apart. Before she can protest to their aid, she passes out from blood loss.
When she wakes, she is lying in a bed between two strangers she doesn’t recognize and has healed from her near-fatal wounds.
Can she trust the vampire who saved her from death and offers her his protection?
Can she put her life in the hands of a were-animal as they race to understand their night together, and how she is ultimately connected to the vampire?


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Fantasy, Paranormal & Urban
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Independently published
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Jul 26 2019
N. Gray