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Austin Wyrd (Valhalla AWOL)

by Steve Curry
Has his past finally caught up with Magnus? All he wanted was to spend the remainder of his time on this earth in a nice safe job, like being a bouncer for a Goth and Heavy Metal bar in Austin, Texas. But that proves difficult once police start investigating a ritualistic looking murder behind the bar. Can Magnus clear his boss of any connection to the crime, while avoiding the attention of Police, overly curious government agents, and the wife and bandmates of the victim. That doesn't even count his psychotic ex-girlfriend with potent mystical powers and an immortal and vengeful ex-employer. Even with the help of his friends, his own "alt-natural" abilities, and the dubious help of his pets, can Magnus maintain his freedom and remain hidden? Can he stay unentangled with the handful of exciting and alluring women around the case? And can someone please explain how the Raven is learning to speak Norse?


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Fantasy, Humorous, Mythology & Folk Tales, Paranormal & Urban, Magical Realism
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Listed Publisher
My Wyrd Muse
Publication Date
Jul 25 2019
Steve Curry