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Crown of Conspiracy: The Ilvannian Chronicles

by Kara S. Weaver
When everyone has an ulterior motive, who can she trust?

Becoming Queen is the last thing on Shalitha's mind, but when an unexpected illness takes down everyone but her, she has no choice but to rise to the occasion.

With more unexplained accidents happening around her, she is convinced none of them is coincidence. But when she sets out to find the truth, she soon finds herself surrounded by dirty intrigues and political schemes where she can no longer tell friend from foe.

Between the enemy at the gates and the unseen enemy within,she must fight with everything she's got to defend her realm and survive.

But will it be enough?

You'll love this thrilling high fantasy adventure, laced with deep secrets, intrigue and deception, and twists and turns you won't see coming.

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Fantasy, New Adult & College, Dark, Epic
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Independently published
Publication Date
Jun 26 2019
Kara S. Weaver