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Beastmora: The Golden Six

by Kayley Behler et al.
In a separate world from our own, lies another magical world where Beasts reign free. Florence Dracul and the Golden Six saved the species, twice but this isn't about them. This is about a young vampire named Valeria Dracul and her journey to shine out of her mother's golden shadow. When her plans to acquire a dragon companion falls through, she must find another way to live up to her parents legacy.As an alternative, she ends up at the Grey Academy, thinking it is going to be the most boring summer of her life. Soon to find great friendships and to come to terms with what she really wants out of her immortal life. She must face growing out of her childhood while dealing with a dark secret that looms over the fate of the world. As we follow Valeria through this fantasy world, she will come to terms with herself and find her place in the world of Beastmora.


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Fantasy, Paranormal & Urban
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Independently Published
Publication Date
Jun 19 2019
Kayley Behler
Alyssa Behler