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Beyond the Rift

by K.J. Simpson
"And you wonder why nobody wants you!"
Those aren't exactly the words young Dawn needs to hear after losing one parent and being abandoned by the other. Left to live with her aunt, who barely acknowledges her existence, it seems as though she is destined for a lonely and miserable life of deprivation. That is, until Ryous finds six-year-old Dawn lost in the forest.

With his glowing blue eyes, strange clothes, and bizarre accent, he must be from far away, Dawn assumes. She doesn't realize how far until he shows her the rift he travels through that connects their two worlds.

But why was he meant to find her? And how is it that under Ryous's tutelage, Dawn shows a natural gift for defending herself with the same weaponry his people use for survival?

On her eighteenth birthday, Dawn receives a letter from her mother, written before she died, revealing the answer to Ryous's long-awaited question. There's only one problem: Ryous is missing.

Not willing to lose another parent, Dawn must break her promise to never go through the rift and ventures into Ryous's world to find him.


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Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Coming of Age
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Independently Published
Publication Date
May 10 2019
K.J. Simpson