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The Scoundrel's Score: A Steamy Historical Romance

by Mara Shaw
A ruthless moneylender…

Cedric Sharpe, illegitimate son of a duke, is among the most feared men in London. Through sheer force of will, Cedric rose from poverty to build a lucrative empire based on a single principle: that one must always pay their debts. And so, when presented with the opportunity to settle his score with the father who scorned him, he is determined to seize it at any cost. That the pristine Lady Rose Wilkins should come with the bargain only serves to sweeten the deal…

A gentle debutante…

Rose, with her gentle nature and effortless grace, is the perfect debutante with a single caveat: she has no dowry. When her wastrel brother places their family in dire financial straits—and his very life in the hands of one of London’s most ruthless men—she finds herself paying a price far beyond anything she'd ever imagined to save them: her hand in marriage to a man that frightens and excites her in equal measure.

A marriage of convenience…

But to their mutual surprise, what begins as a marriage of convenience soon develops into a consuming passion. As Cedric and Rose begin to see that there is more to callous usurers and sheltered debutantes than meets the eye, they realize that they may end up losing far more than either of them bargained for…

The Scoundrel’s Score is a steamy historical romance set in the Victorian era. It can be read as a standalone, and features a scorching hot and heartfelt romance with a guaranteed happily ever after.


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Romance, Historical, Victorian, Regency, British
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May 02 2019
Mara Shaw