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In The Blood: A Dark, Urban Fantasy Suspense Novel (Lies the Dead Tell Book 1)

In The Blood: A Dark, Urban Fantasy Suspense Novel (Lies the Dead Tell Book 1)

by H.B. Lyne
by H.B. Lyne
The one mind I can't read is the only one I want to.

I've always had this annoying little “gift”. I can read people's thoughts. I hate it. I can't get close to anyone the way normal people do. I'd give it up in a heartbeat.

My name's Eve and all I want is a normal life.

But when a tragedy drags me home from uni it quickly becomes apparent that there was much more to my parents than they ever let on. Just maybe my special gift will help me get to the bottom of what happened to them.

Thrust into the path of the most dangerous man in the city, Antonio Vitale, I'd give anything to be able to read his thoughts. Did he murder my parents? I'll have to get close to him to find out.

I'm about to find out that there is a hidden world right under my nose and I may be the only one who can uncover the secrets that everyone is hiding. But if I push Antonio too far he could kill me or someone else that I love. Is the truth worth the risk?

In The Blood is a heart-stopping urban fantasy suspense novel that you won't be able to put down! If you like Patricia Briggs, Charlaine Harris, or Steve McHugh, then you'll relish In The Blood.

H.B. Lyne is a British author who writes in international English. She lives in West Yorkshire with her two children, husband and cat. Inspired by the King of Horror himself, she promises to only write one tome of The Stand-like proportions in her career and aspires to be as prolific and successful.


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Fantasy, Paranormal & Urban, Vampire Thrillers, Werewolf & Shifter Thrillers, Vampire Suspense, Werewolves & Shifters Suspense
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Weaver of Words press
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Apr 08 2019
H.B. Lyne