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by Clea Saal
by Clea Saal

What do you get when you mix a dead child, a movie buff, a chiromancing anthropologist, a school shooting, and what appears to be a series of unrelated, everyday events? What you get is a disturbing possibility that exists in the present tense.

Soulless walks a fine line between horror, mystery and science fiction, though if you are looking for laser-toting aliens, mother ships and fast-paced action, you are not going to find them here. Of course, you should not let those absences lure you into a false sense of security because, as the line that separates fantasy and reality becomes increasingly blurred, and hope and hopelessness merge into one, you will find yourself looking for a way to prove to yourself that this is just a work of fiction.

Now in a fully revised second edition.


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May 23 2013
Clea Saal