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by Evan James Clark
Ex-cop Jason “Jay” Krakavaela should be a dead man. Following a tragic and deadly accident, he is snatched back from death by the miracle-worker surgeons of the Secordia Corporation. As a test-subject for their groundbreaking medical technologies, he is granted a second life. Yet his rebirth comes at a cost: his memories of his former life, his family, and even himself.

Sent to recuperate among the palm-tree vistas and tourist beaches of the South Seas, Jay reinvents himself, finding work on a leaky houseboat-diner and befriending his quirky new boss. However, his reimagined life is soon upended in an encounter with another of Secordia’s experimental patients: an amnesiac girl possessing otherworldly, terrifying abilities.

Thrust into a web of bizarre science and dark mythologies, Jay must uncover not only the sinister forces behind Secordia, but the truth of what he himself is quickly becoming. For deep within him, something is waking up. Something that dreams of bringing fire to a new world...


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Science Fiction, Adventure, Genetic Engineering
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CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Apr 25 2019
Evan James Clark