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Phantom Knights: Electric Pulse

by K.D. Bond
Every urban fable begins with a little bit of accuracy. Unless you?re human, then you can't begin to comprehend our truth. To you, we are creatures created to be feared or romanticized ? paranormal beings created through your imagination for entertainment. I?m here to tell you my story, our story. We are strong, independent, harpy fairies, tasked with the job of protecting those that don't believe in our existence. Defending humanity against creatures from our world, the Phantom realm that would love nothing more than to turn Earth into their own personal playground. In a world surrounded by darkness, we are the light. We aren't sparkling, damsels in distress, but beautiful, bloodthirsty, ruthless Knights ready to send any man to their knees. I hope you?re ready. -Sky.


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Fantasy, Romantic, Romance, Paranormal, Vampire, Werewolf & Shifter, Paranormal & Urban
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Listed Publisher
Katherine Bond
Publication Date
Mar 22 2019
K.D. Bond