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How Your Book Sells Itself: 10 Ways Your Book is Your Ultimate Marketing Tool (Marketing for Authors 1)

by Bethany Atazadeh et al.
Are you terrified of marketing your book? Do you have it ready to go (or already published), but you feel stuck because you don’t know what to do next?

Book marketing can feel like you’re never doing enough. It can seem impossible. How do you know if you’re focusing on the right marketing tactics? How do you know which strategy will work for you? What if you’re missing something?

We’re here to help! Bethany Atazadeh and Mandi Lynn have each successfully marketed multiple novels and want to help you discover the best marketing tactics for YOU—starting with the book itself.

Your book is your MOST powerful marketing tool.

In these pages, we’ll walk through the ten fundamental aspects of your book that can make or break sales, and help you get them right! We’ll discuss genre, covers, titles, blurbs, formatting, editors, taglines, keywords, categories, how to develop a marketing mindset, and how to choose the right marketing strategies for you. This book is PACKED with information to help you succeed. Get your copy now!

From indie authors Bethany Atazadeh and Mandi Lynn, please enjoy the first book in this new series, Marketing for Authors.

----What early readers are saying ----

“This book is packed with useful information. Having just released my book, I was looking for new ideas on marketing , and Mandy and Bethany gave some great insight and tips. I will be implementing what I read straight away. I look forward to the rest of the series.”
- Natalie Roberts

“This book is so helpful for those who don't know anything about marketing, like myself :)
It helped me a lot!”
- V. Timi

“I love how clearly the book is laid out. It could easily be a reference book during your launches, relaunching or whatever your marketing needs are. The action steps are simple, but what people doesn't like simple?  As a homeschooling mom I need simple marketing tips and tricks to get the word out. If you need help with marketing, give this book a read!”
- Peggy Spencer


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Mar 24 2019
Bethany Atazadeh
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