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Heart of Dragons (Chronicles of Pelenor: Rise of Saradon)

by Meg Cowley
A stolen magic. A rising evil. They are pawns in a game they do not understand.
USA Today Bestselling Author and 2018 SPFBO Semi-Finalist Meg Cowley returns with a stunning new epic fantasy trilogy set in the same world as her acclaimed Books of Caledan series.

When orphan Harper discovers a legendary Dragonheart, her life changes forever.

Magically flung to the faraway country of Pelenor, where magic, dragons, and elves rule, Harper must find her place - and fast.

Searching for the elven King's missing Dragonheart is his ruthless Spymaster Dimitri, who has his own agenda to revolutionise Pelenor, and free it from the King's greed.

Harper is thrust into a web of intrigue beyond her knowledge, and her newfound companions - a roguish elven thief and his ragtag band of companions - might not be the trustworthy friends she thinks.

When Harper and Dimitri's paths collide, the only thing more dangerous than lies might be the truth, yet either might destroy them. Harper is forced to ally with the hated spymaster - but Dimitri is equally displeased that his fate rests in her unworthy hands.

Harper and Dimitri must work together to ensure both of them survive the King's wrath in a court where betrayal is as easy as breathing. The Dragonheart is key to both their successes - but only one can possess it, and the king will not suffer its loss.

Who will drown in deceit, and who will rise triumphant?
If you enjoy epic fantasies with vivid characters and complex plots, you'll love the Pelenor Chronicles. It's perfect for fans of SJ Maas' A Court of Thorns and Roses series and Jeff Wheeler's Kingfountain series.
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Fantasy, Dragons & Mythical Creatures, Coming of Age
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Independently published
Publication Date
Apr 29 2020
Meg Cowley