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The Good Men

by Matt Turner
In 1356, Sir Guy de Bocqueville follows whispers of a strange new heresy to an abandoned castle in southern France. He encounters the Good Men - a small charity sent from our time to better the brutal Middle Ages. Horrified by the technological wonders he perceives as witchcraft, he flees for his life to warn the world. In his chaotic wake, a new leader takes command of the Good Men. If the feudals won't accept the future willingly, he'll force them to... with the power of the bullet.The armies of Christendom mobilize and desperately wage war against an enemy seven centuries more advanced than they. Knights and soldiers, lords and kings, popes and peasants; all are sucked into the storm as Europe is set ablaze.


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Science Fiction, Alternate History, War & Military Action
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Independently published
Publication Date
Feb 06 2019
Matt Turner