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Watermarked (The Watermarked Trilogy)

by Danielle Butler
Eyes like a storm…

Surrounded by ocean, terrified of water, Cam’s new life on a tiny island is her version of hell. But at 16, abandoned by her father and with a mother struck by a devastating illness, Cam is forced to live with the reclusive grandmother she’s never met.

But it’s nothing to cry about—not for the girl who never sheds a tear.

Isolated off the coast of Maine, Cam is drawn to Macon, the boy from the other side of the island. But his mother—and most others in the tight-knit community—looks upon her with suspicion.

When she learns about her family’s unsettling history, Cam is plunged into ancestral mystery and the magic of the sea.

And what she discovers could be the key to changing everything.


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Fantasy, Paranormal & Urban, Coming of Age
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Listed Publisher
Independently published
Publication Date
Jan 23 2019
Danielle Butler