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Savages (Vengeance)

by M. Sinclair
I had been found feral, and despite their beautiful home... their beautiful facade - they were the same. Savages. Feral Savages. So I would treat them accordingly. I would live accordingly. I would kill accordingly.

I have a secret. Okay, probably more than one.

I live a delicate balance, living with the evil I know than the one I don't. I accepted that.

Until they showed up. Until they brought my secret and past into the light. Until I had no choice but to accept my true fate.

Shit. This is why you punch first and ask questions later.

*Fantasy Reverse Harem*
Our badass heroine and guardians swear a lot. As well, please be advised that book contains darker themes including assault, PTSD, and violence. Additionally, sexual themes are suitable for mature audiences +18.


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Fantasy, Romantic
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Independently published
Publication Date
Nov 26 2019
M. Sinclair