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Whispers in the Void (Descendants of Terra Book 1)

by Lee Zagrzebski
There are whispers in the void; they herald the coming Void War. Eight millennia after splitting the atom, humanity’s children spread to the stars and diverged evolutionarily, a sentient species divided. The descendants of Terra must now face the consequences, a reckoning of their own creation.

At the Star City Hav’E’Na, home to a billion people, four of them will face their moments of consequence where their actions will affect the fate of billions. Terran Naval Academy Professor Jonn Natans doesn’t want to be a hero but is too damn curious for his own good. Zaar, First of the Zenve Tertiary Fleet, guards ancient secrets leading his reclusive people onto the galactic stage. Vi, the Daughter and heir to the Vi’Vian Matriarchy, flees the power she was born to learning harsh lessons at the hands of an unforgiving galaxy. Kryxa, of the Mesoa Nel’Raa, is striving to claw power for herself and her fallen house, by any means necessary. Four people, with four different stories, discover their actions can alter the course of history.

And we come. We come from far and wide. We come from above and below. We come to save the galaxy.


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Science Fiction, First Contact, Space Opera, Space Fleet, Alien Invasion
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Independently published
Publication Date
Dec 22 2018
Lee Zagrzebski