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Orphans of Liberty

Orphans of Liberty

by Nathan S.M. Knapp
by Nathan S.M. Knapp
Omar is one of the best hunters in the Counter-Terrorism Bounty Hunter Program. He has tracked and taken down some of the nation's most dangerous and elusive targets. He believes he is fighting for his country; that the Program is designed to protect us. Then his name appears on the List.

Now Omar must run for his life, hunted by high-tech, well-trained and heavily armed hunter teams. With an entire country wired to track our every move, and every civilian a possible hunter, he must use all of his skills to survive and fight to uncover the truth.


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Science Fiction, Dystopian, Political Thrillers, Conspiracy Thrillers, Terrorism Thrillers, Adventure, Political Thrillers & Suspense
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Dec 01 2018
Nathan S.M. Knapp