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Chieftess (Maker of Fate Book 1)

by Delilah Bluette
Leilana never wanted power. She never wanted to rule. She never wanted anything more than the tap, tap, tap of gentle waves breaking against the bow of her canoe as she pushed through the water with each stroke of her paddle. The Imperial assassin which killed the ruler of her father's country decades ago, has left the government split into factions constantly battling for power. Finally, that chaos impinges on Leilana's life in the most devastating way possible sparking a shift in the global balance and thrusting her into a role she never imagined and, most certainly, had never been trained for


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Fantasy, Paranormal & Urban, Coming of Age, Epic
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Listed Publisher
Delilah Bluette
Publication Date
Oct 15 2018
Delilah Bluette