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Eyes of the Galaxy (Aelore Tomes)

by Jolene Skvarek
Eight years ago the Earth was caught in the middle of an Alien civil war.
The Aelore's had came to Earth seeking refuge, only to be ultimately pursued by the Silores. Taking the Earth's surface and most of humanity down in the fight.
Tara Ward's earliest memories had only ever been of the Colony. As it was for the other children who lived in the colony with her. The Earth's surface uninhabitable, forcing humanity to live underground. At least that's what they had been taught.
That was until the dreams started. Dreams of galaxies and strange voices.
And in the waking hour, things darker than the darkest shadow lurking.
Troubled by dreams and visions Tera's concern increases when Tera's friends in the colony experience similar things.
A voice crying in the middle of the night.
A girl made up of stars.
Colony life would never be the same.
This could only mean on thing. The Aelore's weren't extinct and the Silore's were back to finish the mission.
And Humanity was stuck in the crossfire.


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Science Fiction, Short Stories, Alien Invasion, First Contact, YA, Fantasy, Christian, Alien
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Independently Published
Publication Date
Mar 25 2019
Jolene Skvarek