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Persona Non Grata

Persona Non Grata

by Isabelle Charlotte Kenyon et al.
by Isabelle Charlotte Kenyon et al.
Persona Non Grata is packed with exceptional poets writing on the theme of society's 'Outsiders'.

With interpretations exploring our refugee crises globally, physical and mental illness, homelessness, addiction and family estrangement, the anthology will fundraise for two important and vital charities: 'Shelter' and 'Crisis Aid UK'.

"We are delighted that 'Fly on the Wall Poetry Press publishes charity anthologies- and anthology 'Persona Non Grata' is packed with poetry inspired by the concept of social exclusion. Without support such as this, we would not be able to support the people who reach out to us for help with housing issues and homelessness. Thank you so much to everyone involved."
- Lindsay Tilston Jones, Regional Community Fundraiser: Manchester


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Listed Publisher
Fly on the Wall Poetry Press
Publication Date
Oct 27 2018
Isabelle Charlotte Kenyon
Gary Denton