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Lineage (Deity Rising Book 1)

by Kilian Grey
Second Edition* – Previously Published as Legacy

A kingdom will forever be corrupted until the rightful king is chosen.

Tension is high among the kingdoms of Alimphis and information about the past is prohibited. The Kingsley royal line has lived under restrictive rules from the deities, Emoris and Lathil, but the royal family also holds a great secret.

Prince Faust has kept his affinity for magic hidden by the order of his brother, King Konrad. His life is thrown into chaos when Emoris discovers he can wield all four magic stones and tries to kill him. King Konrad sends Faust away under the guise of a prestigious court merchant. Outrunning the deities isn’t easy, and Faust is exposed to the corruption and lies that have settled in the kingdoms.

With the help of a rather amorous mercenary and King Konrad’s allies, Faust embarks on a path to restore order to Alimphis’s kingdoms. Emoris and Lathil will stop at nothing to ensure he fails, even pitting him against his own family. Faust isn’t alone in his fight as those with power gather to assist him. But is he ready to shoulder the weight of war?

Lineage is a full-length novel (120,000 words).

This book contains dark themes, swearing, a romantic sub-plot (m/m content), and is intended for mature audiences (adults).

*Contains new title, cover, interior formatting, content, significant revisions, glossary, and character index.


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Fantasy, Action & Adventure, LGBT, Epic, Sword & Sorcery, Adventure, Gay, Romance, Romantic
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Listed Publisher
Zurr Sol
Publication Date
Jul 07 2020
Kilian Grey