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Dark Ocean Princess (The Cursed Seas Collection)

by Nina Walker
My reign is life and my song is death. I am the siren, the Dark Ocean Princess.

A century ago, after the seas rose and billions perished, my ancestors entered into a covenant with the Tibetan monks. Their magic granted us survival as sirens in exchange for protection. We lived in peace.

Until the humans interfered.

Now the monks have fled and the siren stone has vanished. Our power is dwindling and the ravenous sea monsters are turning the seas red with blood.

I’m Princess Senra, the last heir to the Chinese Siren Empire. I must journey to the surface and risk my life where my song holds no sway. I’m tasked to befriend the enemy, blend in with the humans, and find the siren stone before it's too late.

Trouble is, I never expected to care for the humans. And one in particular makes my heart race in ways my fiancé back home never has. I’m faced with an impossible choice: save the humans or save my people.

A standalone, full-length novel in the Cursed Seas Collection, Dark Ocean Princess is filled with magic and mages, dragons and pirates, forbidden love and Chinese mythology!


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YA, Dystopian, Pirate Action & Adventure, Pirate Adventure, Royalty Fairy Tales & Folklore, Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery
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Listed Publisher
Addison & Gray Press
Publication Date
Nov 15 2018
Nina Walker