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Chosen by the Blade

by Bryce Allen
Jin, wielder of the legendary sword, the Zettai, is dead.

Across the empire, custom dictates that the strongest warriors in the land compete in the Tenno Tournament for the right to bear the magical weapon.

The ancient blade grants unnatural strength and speed, and the bearer wins the ear of the King. Every warrior dreams of winning the tournament.

Kenji is no different. Although he is young, a lifetime of training under the legendary swordsman Ebusu has prepared him for any duel.

But treachery lies at the heart of the Tenno Tournament, and Kenji faces battles both within the ring and outside it. Shadowy forces seek the blade as the long reach of the past threatens the empire’s future. Soon, Kenji is one of the few warriors standing between the empire and its collapse.

The tournament for the blade of legend has begun. Is Kenji strong enough to win?


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Asian Myth & Legend, Fantasy, Dark, Historical, Sword & Sorcery
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Independently published
Publication Date
Sep 04 2018
Bryce Allen