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Sword of Dalkor (Taigeria Archives Book 1)

by Veronica Di Dato
“We librarians usually see things most others will never be privileged to see.”

The actual existence of the legendary forest library is the best-kept secret throughout the world and history. Its caregivers go through vigorous training by their predecessors to make sure it’s left in good and capable hands for the next generation. Alexa is the latest apprentice in a long line of librarians.

When boredom comes as the routines of her new life set in, Alexa does what she can in order to elevate it. As a result, she comes in contact with things she should never have meddled with and now, together with her fairy companion, she must set out on a journey to rectify her mistakes before thousands of years of secrecy come undone.

This kicks off a journey that will take them across the lands of Thykall, meeting friends and foes and people in-between. An endeavour during which they will encounter magic, warriors, and forgotten stories.


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Fantasy, Epic
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Sep 01 2018
Veronica Di Dato