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Shadows of Divinity: A Paranormal Sci-fi Adventure

by Luke R. Mitchell
They killed my parents.

They branded me a terrorist.

I'll show them terror...

Enochia is compromised.

The Sanctum. The Legion. The whole damn planet.

And I know what you're thinking. A few days ago, I wouldn't have believed me either.

Then I watched the High General of the Alpha-damned Legion sprout red eyes and tear my parents to bloody pieces.

Now, I have some questions. And a High General to kill.

Carlisle calls them the raknoth. Red-eyed demons from Alpha knows where. He says they're aliens. But then again, he also moves things with his freaking mind—a gift he swears lies dormant in me as well—so I'm starting to get a little unclear on what I can and can't believe anymore.

I don't know what the raknoth want. I don't know how they've taken control of Enochia without anyone noticing. All I know is that they picked the wrong planet to screw with.

My name is Haldin Rais, and I'm going to make them pay...


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Science Fiction, First Contact, Fantasy, Paranormal & Urban, Alien Invasion, Genetic Engineering
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Independently published
Publication Date
Jul 11 2018
Luke R. Mitchell