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Demonality: Book One of the Demonality Series

by Nadine Thirkell
Not all demons are evil; some are just trying to survive.

Aurrynthea Shadow's Fire is not a typical young female demon. Born to a Dragon mother and a demon father, she is trying to resolve both halves of her nature and survive. In Hell, magical strength determines who rules and Thea is the only fire demon offspring of Shadow Lord. When he names her his heir, all Hell breaks loose.

As the seals over the portals between Hell and Earthside fail, can Thea reconcile her Dragon and demon natures in time to prevent a war that would destroy both realms?


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Fantasy, Romantic, Paranormal & Urban, Humorous
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Listed Publisher
Grosvenor House Publishing Limited
Publication Date
Jun 14 2018
Nadine Thirkell