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Bride of Dreams: Novella (Gods' Fate)

by Amara Luciano
An instant #1 Amazon Bestseller in Short Stories for Young Adults

For fans of Roshani Chokshi, A. C. Gaughen, and Marie Rutkoski...

What good is beauty when it strips you of a choice? What good are the gods when they promise you to a man you don’t want?

Diya’s face was nearly scarred as a child. Thanks to her too-beautiful mother’s history of starting a war between villages, Diya hides behind her hair and daydreams of a life where she gets to choose her next adventure. There’s just one problem:

Her husband-to-be. Arien.

In Diya’s world, marriage can bring even the most hostile of villages together. Truces suddenly become possible. So when her short trip to the altar ends in a curse on Arien’s soul by a vengeful god, their homes are once again fixed on the point of death and destruction.

Rescuing her groom in the company of his hateful brother is not the adventure Diya had always imagined… The path to Arien’s soul is littered with the gods’ monstrous cast-offs. The fate of the borderlands hangs in the balance.

How can Diya find peace in a world she has set on fire?


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Listed Publisher
Wonder Heart Books
Publication Date
Jun 26 2018
Amara Luciano