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Dreaming of Fire (Dreamcatcher Series Book 1)

Dreaming of Fire (Dreamcatcher Series Book 1)

by Alyssa Kelso
by Alyssa Kelso
When the veil between the Earth and the world of dreams is threatened, there is only one person who can save it…

After discovering a message from her missing mother, eighteen-year-old Sienna Steel finds that what she once believed to be an old family legend is no legend at all. Caught in the act of fleeing her abuser, Sienna’s dormant magic bursts to life, and the significance of her heritage is revealed.

Opening an archway to Earth’s sister planet, Sienna learns of the Nightmare King’s plans to unleash terror on the Earth. In order to become a beacon of hope, Sienna must figure out how to trust again, for lurking in the shadows could be the very ally she needs.


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Fantasy, Fairy Tale, Native American, Mythology & Folk Tales
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May 19 2018
Alyssa Kelso