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Prison Break (Unholy Trinity Book 1)

by Rachel Ford
Mercy is weakness. Forgiveness is blasphemy. Sin is crime.

The unholy trinity - monotheists, polytheists and technotheists - rule in unison. Justice is not blind, but soulless. In a city of stratified wealth and endemic poverty, Father Edlin tries to make a difference. His little church and free clinics provide a flicker of hope to the downtrodden populace.
But not for long. The men with guns show up, and it's only a matter of time before a forced confession of heresy is extracted. Now Father Edlin sits in a cell, awaiting the fulfillment of his death sentence.

But somewhere in the night, a friend lurks, waiting for the chance to pay off an old debt...

A short story by Rachel Ford


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Science Fiction, Fantasy, 30-Minute Short Reads, Adventure, Steampunk, Metaphysical
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Apr 10 2018
Rachel Ford