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Athena's Law: Rise of the Inciters (Volume 1)

by K.A. Riley
What would the world look like if only women controlled weapons and government?

The year is 2088. Under Athena's Law, women hold all the power.
The world is at peace.
Or so it seems.

Desperately protecting a secret that could change the course of history, Marion leads her team of female Tracers on a mission to track down the Inciters, an elusive and violent underground group of men hell-bent on getting their guns and power back.

Things get complicated when Victor, an Inciter with a personal agenda, finds himself swept up in a deadly race for freedom and societal control. What follows is a high-tech battle of the sexes that calls into question every assumption they've all made about men, about women, and about the world they thought they knew.


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Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic
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Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date
May 27 2018
K.A. Riley