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Talk to Me

by Roseanne Beck
Getting what you want isn’t always what you need.

Austin is rebuilding his life after a car accident shattered his leg and his self-confidence. He wants nothing more than to gain his independence. Figuring out why he now hears voices would be an added bonus.

Laura can’t fathom losing yet another loved one. The death of her brother and business partner still has her reeling, although it seems he might not have completely given up the ghost.

When Laura plays the reluctant heroine to Austin’s caffeine emergency, they form a bond neither of them was looking for. As tough love makes way for real sparks, Austin’s newfound ability helps Laura gain closure. Unfortunately, her brother’s well-meaning words may be the very thing that causes her to pull away from the man who finally sneaks past her defenses.

As Austin reconnects with his past, can Laura put hers behind her?


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Romantic Comedy, Romance, Contemporary, Medical, Women's, Women's Humorous
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Apr 17 2018
Roseanne Beck