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Lost Names

by A.N. Mouse
Dan wasn’t sure what he had expected when he signed up for the army, but losing his hand and being turned into a human energy supply wasn’t on the list. Being rescued presented new problems; he was now on the run from the only country he’d ever known, and his saviour was a thief, a man of the underworld. But he was nice.

He helped Dan to heal, to adapt and to learn. Maybe living outside of the law wouldn’t be so bad. Even better, Dan made a few friends along the way. One of these friends was Oliver, a scavenger with the same taste in terrible pop music and shady bars. They got along well.

So when the rumour surfaced that Dan and his team had died while doing a job for the CEO of Highlight Technology, Oliver was the only one left for them to contact. Bereft of one of his only friends and wildly unqualified for the work, the promise of money and answers lands Oliver in the same dangerous trap that might have killed Dan. But will he be able to escape it?

Follow both of their stories, through loss and healing and friendship and more. Oliver is going to need to use everything he has if he’s going to save himself, and the people he’s come to love.


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Jan 01 2018
A.N. Mouse