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Holding On To Hope: "She was brokenhearted & chasing dreams. He was love-struck chasing her." (Second Chances Duet Book 1)

by Mystique Roberts
Hope: This was only supposed to be a job. A way out of my small town and a step into chasing dreams. I swore to myself that I'd take this chance and focus solely on work, forgetting all the heartache I left back home. Little did I know, while trying to make my dreams a reality…I’d run right into love. The thing is, I’m torn. I could fall and have the love of a lifetime, or crash then lose my dreams and what’s left of my heart all at once. Should I risk it all for a tattooed, rockstar, ‘bad boy’, with a complicated past or play it safe and risk missing out on something unimaginable?”

Chase: “My life has always been reckless and a bit out of control. I wasn’t focused on anything but fame. Then, I nearly lost my career and life in an instant. Realizing music was my life, I cut out everything else. Until I found Hope and I was drawn to her instantly. Everything about her is different. She seems so full of life; but underneath her exterior, I sense a wall. One I want to break down so that I can hold onto her and never let go.”


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Romance, Contemporary, Women, Women's
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Mar 07 2018
Mystique Roberts