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Paternus: Wrath of Gods (The Paternus Trilogy Book 2)

by Dyrk Ashton
Wrath of Gods is the second book in the completed Paternus Trilogy, and the follow-up to Dyrk Ashton’s critically acclaimed Paternus: Rise of Gods.

On the run from an ancient evil and his army of terrors straight out of myths from around the world, Fi and Zeke aid Peter in his globe-trotting quest to seek out the remaining Firstborn, uncover the enemy’s plans, and gather the warriors of old for what may become the final battle in the world's oldest war. Along the way, Fi and Zeke discover they, too, have strengths of their own—though they come at a cost neither may wish to bear.

Named one of the BEST FANTASY BOOKS of 2018 by Fantasy-Faction, Fantasy Book Critic, Booknest, The Fantasy Inn, Novel Notions, You and I Books, Superstar Drifter, The Weatherwax Report, and Ciaran Reviews.

Best Self-Published Book of 2018 (Booknest Fantasy Awards)
Best Independent Novel of 2018 Finalist (Reddit Fantasy)
Favorite Reads of 2018 (Grimdark Fiction Readers and Writers)
Hidden Fantasy Gems (Fantasy Book Review)


Genre: Contemporary Fantasy / Urban Fantasy / Mythic Fiction.

Market: Adult to New Adult (as opposed to Teen or YA, though savvy 16 or 17 year olds might survive without permanent damage).


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Fantasy, Nordic Myth & Legend, Paranormal & Urban, Adventure, Contemporary, Mythology, Fairy Tale, Arthurian, Asian Myth & Legend, Greek & Roman Myths & Legends
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Listed Publisher
Paternus Books Media
Publication Date
Jul 10 2018
Dyrk Ashton