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These Lies That Live Between Us (What Words Have Torn Apart Book 1)

These Lies That Live Between Us (What Words Have Torn Apart Book 1)

by Kai Raine
by Kai Raine
"Good-bye, and good riddance," were the last words that Gwen's twin ever said to her.

But there is no time to grieve. An enemy army has revived a forbidden magic. They’ve invaded a neighboring country, and Gwen’s kingdom will be next. Her only hope of salvation is a legend, so she sets out to find it.

The magic has many names, and many believe they know what it is—but Gwen begins to see that most are mistaken. At last it is the wind itself that forces her to make a choice: accept the forbidden magic and learn it, or die.

Unbeknownst to Gwen, her departure in the night sets a chain of events into motion back home, where her dwindling family turns against one another. As the royal family reveals its internal divide, the opposing factions pounce.

These Lies That Live Between Us is the start of a fantasy epic about family, adventure, love, loss and the ever-changing interpretation of history long gone.


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Fantasy, Epic, Children's Magic, Children's Sword & Sorcery
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Gatekeeper Press
Publication Date
Jan 01 2018
Kai Raine