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Stars Like Fate

by Brie Farmer
The stars have always watched over the realms, though none have ever intervened after that first fateful encounter that gave magic to the world. Or so all had thought.

King Nyole’s kingdom of Asha soon becomes ensnared in another kingdom’s coils. Instead of resisting their control and risking the lives of the Wrynush people, Nyole chooses to protect Asha at the expense of himself. He works for the kingdom's ruler as their personal royal mage. When the prospect of his kingdoms immunity is up for grabs, Nyole takes the opportunity. His new job: to find where the last Cerassan Princess hid the key that locked away her magic.

Nyole faces princess Saphryis, a woman shrouded in forgotten history and whose path from the star of fate is so tangled, Nyole begins to doubt everything he was taught about the red star his family so proudly follows. He soon discovers that his family’s dark secrets have tied Saphryis and Nyole’s fates together and faces the consequence of knowing a history he may have never wanted to know.


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Fantasy, Romantic, Romance
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Listed Publisher
Obsidian Court Publishing LLC.
Publication Date
May 14 2019
Brie Farmer