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Travelers (Travelers Series: Book I)

by Alia Hess et al.
Amid monsters, marauders, and mysterious drones, is there room for a place to call home?

Owl Melonvine ended an abusive relationship and fled town, intent to start over somewhere new, only to lose her way in the barren deserts of post-apocalyptic America.

After a terrifying cliff fall nearly claims her life, a fellow wanderer comes to her aid. The nameless Islander, imposing and aloof, isn’t an ideal traveling companion, let alone someone Owl wants to get close to after her last devastating relationship. But there are worse dangers around each bend of the road—putrid trashdogs, blood-thirsty highwaymen, and foreign drones—and inviting him along as protection is safer than going it alone.

When an encroaching slaver army threatens to destroy not only Owl’s intended destination, but her childhood home, it seems there are no more places of comfort left in the wasteland… except the enigmatic man traveling with her. He’s offered to take her farther than intended, to a place the army can’t reach.

Despite her growing feelings, the pain and mistrust from old wounds is hard to heal. Following him to somewhere as mysterious as he is could lead to danger. But there might be a chance at a new home and fresh shot at love, if Owl can break down the walls around her heart.

Book I of the Travelers Series by Alia Hess. Fans of the cozy, optimistic apocalypse of Carrie Vaughn's Bannerless, the character-driven journeys in Station Eleven, and Fallout's Wild Wasteland perk, will love TRAVELERS.


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Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic
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Listed Publisher
Cozy Dystopia Press
Publication Date
Jun 20 2019
Alia Hess
Al Hess