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Shadow Corps (Volume 1)

by Justin Sloan
Death isn't so bad if it means saving the universe. Samantha was badass even before she learned magic. Fending for herself in the cauldron of a planet torn apart by an alien invasion taught Samantha how to kill. Ruthlessly efficient, her abilities have caught the attention of the Shadow Corps. A group comprised of deadly warriors who focus on galactic safety, using any means necessary. A battle-hardened warlord causing you trouble? The Shadow Corps will ruin their day. Her first mission puts her team up against a space dragon, death reapers, and the ultimate sorcerer. Samantha had better learn to master her alien magic, or be forced to watch her world, and many others, burn.


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Science Fiction, First Contact, Space Opera, Alien Invasion, Colonization
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Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
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Sep 30 2017
Justin Sloan